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Energizer Energizer Rechargeable Charger AA + AAA Rechargeable charger for both AA and AAA batteries. .. Product #: 090521033226A based on 0 reviews Regular price: $250.00 $250.00 In Stock

Energizer Rechargeable Charger AA + AAA

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Energizer Recharge Value Charger 

Package Contains :

1 Charger

4 AA Recharegeable batteries 

Save Money and Reduce Waste with Rechargeable Energy:

Reliable and renewable power is always on hand when you recharge your own batteries with the Energizer Recharge Value Charger. It can charge 4 AA NiMH rechargeable batteries in just 5 hours, and helps maximize battery performance to make sure your memory-making moments never run out of energy.

You can charge both AA and AAA simultaneously, a time-saving feature developed with busy people like you in mind. And with the Value Charger’s automatic shutoff feature, you can go about your day and not worry about overcharging and damaging your batteries.


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